NIAM02 SiPM Wide Bandwidth Amplifier


The NIAM02 is a SiPM pre-amplifier specific designed for application where it is important to have a very high bandwidth in order to obtaint the best timing information
The signal bandwith is more than 1GHz with sub-ns rising time.
The noise on the output is less then 1mVpp and it allows to distinguish in clearly the amplitude of the first single photon
For high resolution requirement see NIPM02 pre-amplifier.


  • Less than 1ns rising time
  • 10kR transconductance gain
  • Transimpendance configuration with 4GHz bandwith FET input op-amp
  • Less than 1mVpp noise on output
  • Single 12v power supply
  • Lemo 0 HV Connector
  • 2.54 connector to hold SiPM
  • Small form factor: 70 x 50 x 5.5 (mm)
  • LEMO-0 analog signal output connection