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Signal Generators

Advanced pulse generator family capable to emulate real X, Gamma, Neutron detection system.

Read-out system, Digitizer and MCA

Multichannels DAQ board from 1 to 128 channels

Power supply

Digital High voltage power supply with integrated voltage/current monitor


Software and hardware solution for high school and university courses


Custom readout board for integration in end user devices

SiPM based systems

Intelligent scintillator + SiPM detector assembly with integrated MCA, waveform digitizer, Neutro/Gamma discrimination, logic module with advanced TDC, TOT, TOF, scaler and coincidence capabilities

Logic modules

Configurable Logic Module to replace old standard analog chain with a new more versatile solution


Software to develop custom firmware for open hardware boards


MCA with pre-amp circuit designed for SDD and SiPIN detector, with integrated detector power supply, HV, and TEM controller

Gaseous detectors readout system

Readout system based on GEMINI chip to readout GEM/Micromegas detectors