Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) is a technique that is applied across a spectrum of scientific disciplines, with users from chemistry, physics, biology, materials science, engineering and geoscience. LoKI is designed primarily with the needs of the soft matter, biophysics and materials science communities in mind and the trend in all of these fields is towards complexity and heterogeneity.

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Loki uses DAQ R5560 as a readout system with a custom firmware developed using SciCompiler.

The R5560 allows simple interfacing placed close to the boron coated straw tubes through cheap ethernet cables using the differential inputs the R5560 is equipped with. This allows you to reduce wiring costs while remaining immune to noise.

The custom firmware allows the reconstruction of flight time and of the position of interaction of the neutrons on the detector.

The system uses about 30 R5560s for the experiment readout.