SP5701 Easypet


EasyPET is a simple, user friendly and portable didactic PET system developed for high-level education, which allows exploring the physical and technological principles of the conventional human PET scanners, using the same basic detectors of state-of- the-art systems. The Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner is the state-of-the-art medical imaging system, capable of providing detailed functional information of physiological processes inside the human body. Functional imaging has a great impact in cancer diagnostics, monitoring of therapy effects and cancer drug development. The underlying principle to PET systems is the detection of high energy radiation emitted from a chemical marker, a molecule labelled with a radioisotope, administered to a patient. The radioisotope emits positrons which, after annihilating with atomic electrons, result in the isotropic emission of two photons back to back with an energy of 511 keV. The two photons are detected by a ring of detectors, which allows a pair of them to detect two back to back photons in any direction.
The DT5770 is a compact portable Digital MCA for Gamma spectroscopy. It is suited for high energy resolution semiconductor detectors, like HPGe and Silicon Drift Detector, connected to a Charge Sensitive Preamplifier. The unit can also properly operate directly connected to a PMT with inorganic scintillators (e.g. Nal or Csl scintillators), provided exponential pulse shape and decay time above 200 ns. It integrates analog front-end with programmable gain and possible AC coupling.
  • Gamma Spectroscopy and System Linearity
  • Positron Annihilation Detection
  • Nuclear Imaging
  • Two-dimensional Reconstruction of a Radioactive Source
  • Source Spatial Resolution
  • Efficiency measurements
  • User Friendly Control SW with Graphical User Interface

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Additional information

DT5770 Digital Multi Channel Analyzer - Desktop

Analog Input:
– Impedance: 50 Ohm / 1 kOhm (sw selectable)- Positive and negative signals accepted
– Single-ended, DC/AC coupled
– Programmable 4-step analog coarse gain corresponding to 1.25 Vpp, 2.5 Vpp, 5 Vpp, 10 Vpp ranges
– Bandwidth: DC to 30 MHz
– Single ended, DC/AC coupled
Digital conversion:
– Resolution: 14 bit
– Sampling rate: 150 MS/s
Digital Signal Processing
– Manual and automated trigger threshold adjustment
– Manual and automated Pole-Zero cancellation; decay time up to 0.65 ms
– Pile-up rejection and Live Time correction
– Baseline restorer with programmable averaging