The DT5550-AFEs board is outstanding readout system that, in conjunction with two DT5550 allows the readout of up to 64 independent SiPM channels making the solution ideal for SiPM matrix in imaging and spectroscopy application. In conjunction with two DT5550, the DT5550AFEs allows the direct sampling of the analog signal generated by the SiPM in order to process it with user programmable digital pulse processing filter.
Opposed to large available ASIC based solution, is the only solution on the market DT5550AFEs that allows the direct sampling of the analog signal generated by the SiPM in order to process it with user programmable digital pulse processing filter.
It’s possible to analyze the waveform, the energy spectrum and the image in both integral and framed (event by event) mode

It’s like to have a milion frame per second camera to save data from SiPM matrix to disk

The AFEs board if sully supported by the Nuclear Instruments SCI-Compiler.
A full working open source firmware and software to acquire the waveform, and calculate the energy spectrum in realtime using charge integration is provided for free.

  • 64 trans-impedance based shaper amplifier
  • Fully differential output
  • Voltage Levels, shaping time and connector designed to be connected to two DT5550 Full Programmable Digitizer
  • 600ns shaping time
  • Integrated low noise HV power supply (20-85V)
  • Fine HV regulation independent for each channels (0…-2V)
  • User Replaceable detector board to adapt the DT5550AFE-S to readout every SiPM
  • Ready to use detector board Hamamatsu MPPC S1361S-1050N
  • Detector Module micro-coaxial extension cable
  • Fully supported by Nuclear Instruments SCI-Compiler
  • Ready to use wave digitizer, imaging and spectroscopy software

The analog front end consists in 64 indipendent transimpedance shaper amplfier (TIA) followed by a single ended to fully differential amplifier. Differential signal guarantees a better immunity to noise and crosstalk between channels. A positive voltage could be applied by the meaning of a Digital to Analog converter to the positive terminal of the TIA in order to change the common mode voltage on negative terminal and fine control the SiPM Bias Voltage (0..-2V in respect to the global BIAS voltage with a resolution of 60uV). SiPM temperature is monitored using a digital temperature sensor


Plug in board do adapt any SiPM / SiPM matrix to the multi rows connector of the DT5550AFEs.

  • State of the art Hamamatsu S13615-1050-N08 matrix
  • Indipendent bias filter for each detector
  • Integrated temeprature sensor and identification eeprom
  • 4 mounting holes to hold a scintillator/fiber support
  • Detector Board PCB project is available for free upon request

Nuclear Instruments offers a customization service and we can provide/design custom detector boards to hold every type of SiPM Matrix, Array or single SiPM detector, up to 64 channels


Nuclear Instruments collaborated with Università degli Studi dell’Insubria and Texas Tech University to implement the readout of the first in the world SiPM based calorimeter.
The SiPM AFE has been coupled to a bounch of Čerenkov and scintillating fibers in order to obtain a very high dynamic range and sensitivity.
The realtime readout and energy measurament has ben performed with two MADA boards (now coded as DT5550) sincronized with the existing PMT based readout system.
The Calorimeter has been succesfully validated in two test beam at SPS, CERN.


A full working, open source, software is provided for free. The software allow:

  • Configure any parameters of the readout system including:
    • Bias voltage
    • Single detector fine bias regulation
    • Gain/Offset
    • Trigger mode (derivative internal, external, frame trigger)
    • Cable and logic delay compensation
    • Charge Integration configuration
    • Baseline restorer
  • Monitor SiPM temperature
  • Grab oscilloscope for each channels
  • Fast dump waveform on disk
  • Realtime spectrum calculation
  • Realtime image calculation (immediate and cumulative)
  • Realtime image (event by event) data storage on disk

This product is sold with CAEN

Additional information

Analog Input

64 channels with trans-impedance based shaped amplifier (400 ns shaping time)

Up to 6000 photoelectrons input dynamic range

Bias and input lines on a simple-pinout connector

BIAS Voltage

Integrated low noise Power Supply (20-85 V) for SiPM

Analog Output

Shaped Differential Analog Output
Zdiff : 100 Ohm

2x 68-pin VHDCI connector
Suggested cable: SCSI-5 type

Supported connection to one or two DT5550 analog input