SCI-Compiler SMART

Evaluation and learning kit for SCI-Compiler


  • Beginners’ kit to learn how to easily program an open FPGA
  • Powered by SCI-Compiler, the block-diagram-based firmware generator and compiler for CAEN programmable boards
  • Automatic VHDL code generation starting from logic blocks and virtual instruments
  • Very simple generation of complex online pulse processing: schematics-based design
  • Hardware included for custom pulse processing firmware testing
  • Ideal for non-expert firmware programmer
  • Advanced signal processing blocks like PHA based on Trapezoidal Filter, Charge Integration, Oscilloscope …
  • Automatic generation of drivers, libraries and demo software
  • 2 channel, 65MS/s 12 bit, Open FPGA ADC unit included

SCI-Compiler SMART (SCISMART) is a hardware + software kit for non-expert users who are approaching the open FPGA programming.
We introduce them to an innovative method to simplify the firmware development using SCI-Compiler software, a block-diagram-based programming interface consisting of a prebuilt set of functions (for example oscilloscope, TDC, MCA, charge integration, etc.) specifically developed for physics/engineering applications. Placing and interconnecting the available blocks on a diagram, SCI-Compiler is able to automatically generate a VHDL piece of code that implements the required function and deploy it to the FPGA. In this way, even a non-expert user can write his own firmware code without having any knowledge of the VHDL/Verilog programming language.
SCI-Compiler SMART is composed of a SCI-Compiler license and a basic hardware (DT1260 unit), designed for the exact purpose of evaluating the software and learning how to design custom firmware using the block diagram method. It includes:

  • 1x DT1260, 2 Channel, 65 MS/s, 12 bit ADC unit with Open FPGA
  • 1x SCI-Compiler Lite license working with the DT1260 unit only

The kit allows to develop both FPGA firmware for custom digital pulse processing and software application for data readout, using the generated libraries. It is therefore possible to access registers of the DT1260 and transfer data to the PC in list, waveform or user-customizable format.
A basic, ready-to-use default firmware and readout software is provided for free and open source. The default firmware manages the basic waveform digitization and Pulse Height Analysis. The user can take advantages of examples firmware diagram available in SCI-Compiler, in order to start learning how to program the FPGA and take confidence with the software.

This product is sold with CAEN

Additional information

Maximum Power Consumption

5 W

Temperature Range (no load)

-20 ÷ +80 °C

Storage Temperature

-40 ÷ +120 °C

Output Voltage

20 ÷ 85 V

Output Current

10 mA max.

Output Voltage Ripple

0.1 mVp-p typ.

Settling Precision

± 20 mV

Settling Resolution

1.2 mV

Output Impedance

10 Ohm